PIMFF 2016 Selection

Aspiration of the Pamirs 

52 minutes | Documentary | French | France 
Directed by Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud, and Siphay Vera 

Quest for Inspiration (2012)

52 minutes – Documentary – French – France 
Directed by Mathieu Le Lay

Secret Kyrgyzstan (2015)

10 minutes – Documentary – Italian – Italy 
Directed by Filippo Salvioni 

Save the Bees (2014)

2 minutes – Animation – English – USA 
Directed by Maria Topolska 

Lazawal (2014)

15 minutes – Fiction – Urdu – Pakistan
Directed by Naveed Bari and Haris Ansari  

Beyond the Heights (2015)

49 minutes – Documentary – Urdu/English – Pakistan 
Directed by Jawad Sharif 

Every Time You Tell A Story (2015) 

52 minutes – Documentary – English/Nagamesse – India 
Directed by Amit Mohanti and Ruchika Negi 

Life in Smoke (2003)

8 minutes – Animation – Italian – Italy 
Directed by Gianluca Fratellini  

Pangolins in Peril (2016)

15 minutes – Documentary – Urdu – Pakistan 
Directed by Muhammad Ali Ijaz 

In the Lap of Ganga (2014)

20 minutes – Documentary – Hindi – India 
Directed by Sudhir Singh 

Paradise Melting (2016)

34 minutes – Documentary – Urdu – Pakistan 
Directed by Sakina Hussain and Umer Majid Ali 

Nanga Dreams (2014)

25 minutes – Documentary – Polish – Poland 
Directed by Marek Klonowski

Tashi and the Monk (2014)

40 minutes – Documentary – Hindi – India 
Directed by Andrew Hinton and Johnny Burke 

TOM (2016)

67 minutes – Documentary – English – Italy 
Directed by Angel Esteban and Elena Goatelli 

Jurek (2014)

72 minutes – Documentary – Polish – Poland 
Directed by Pawel Wysoczanksi 

Panorama (2015)

30 minutes – Documentary – Spanish – Spain 
Directed by Jon Herranz 

Doya (2016)

16 minutes – Documentary – English/Pashto – Pakistan 
Directed by Kashif Raza Toori 

Resuns (2014)

52 minutes – Documentary – French – Switzerland 
Directed by Aline Suter and Céline Carridroit

Across Antarctica 

30 minutes – Documentary – French – France 
Directed by Stephanie Gicquel and Jeremie Gicquel 

Cast Away Man 

82 minutes – Documentary – Nepalese – Nepal 
Directed by Kesang Tseten 

Mermaid of Churna Island 

21 minutes – Documentary – Urdu – Pakistan 
Directed by Nameera Ahmed

Norma’s Story 

5 minutes – Animation – English – Canada 
Directed by Alex Howley 

Lyari Notes 

69 minutes – Documentary – Urdu – Pakistan
Directed by Maheen Zia and Miriam Chandy Menacherry 

First Day of Summer 

5 minutes – Documentary – English – UK 
Directed by Zak Emerson 


109 minutes – Fiction – Urdu – Pakistan 
Directed by Adnan Sarwar 

Valley Uprising 

97 minutes – Documentary – English – USA 
Directed by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen 


20 minutes – Documentary – English – Australia 
Directed by Rob

Tibetan Dreams 

44 minutes – Documentary – Austrian – Austria 
Directed by Marek Klonowski 

Jurek (Best Picture)

Documentary – 72 minutes – Polish– 2014 – Poland

Film Synopsis

On October 24, 1989, Jerzy Kukuczka falls to his death while climbing Lhotse. It was the first time he went to the Himalayas with money, proper equipment, and international fame.

The mysterious death of the climber is not the focus of Powel Wysoczanski’s film, though. “Jurek” shows a man getting to the top, literally and metaphorically. Kukuczka was a socialist worker turned international celebrity. He was a poor climber with homemade equipment who rose to compete with Reinhold Messner in a rivalry to climb the highest Himalayan peaks. The film contains interviews with family and friends, archival recordings, and TV shows, all of which make up for a portrait of Polish climbing community in the 1980s. It also depicts the difficult, yet stimulating environment in Poland during the golden age of Polish climbing, when idealism was valued more than fame.

Director Profile

Pawel Wysoczanski

Black & White Productions

Pawel Wysoczanski

Krzysztof Kieslowski was born in 1980 in Glasgow, Poland, and graduated from University of Silesia in Katowice from the Faculty of Radio and Television. He was the author of documentary and feature films: “Point of View.” “Flying Education,” “On the Road,” “We will be happy one day,” which have been awarded at film festivals in Poland and abroad. Author of the photo exhibition “In the Shadow of the Sun,” documenting his travels to Ethiopia and Sudan. His last work, a documentary “Jurek” about a famous mountaineer Jerzy Kukuczka, has won awards at many mountain film festivals. Pawel is currently working on a film about Somalia.

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