PIMFF 2015 Selection

City Lights (2014) 

60 minutes | Narrative | Hindi | India
Directed by Hansal Mehta

Oblivion of the Hindukush Mountains (2014)

19 minutes | Documentary | English | Pakistan 
Directed by Junaid Ali  

The Kalasha and the Crescent (2013)

12 minutes | Documentary | English | Pakistan  
Directed by Iara Lee 

Karun (2015)

16 minutes | Documentary | English | lreland 
Directed by Tom Allen and Leon McCarron   

Deosai: The Last Sanctuary (2014)                              

33 minutes | Documentary | English | Pakistan
Directed by Nisar Malik

Ascension (2013)

7 minutes | Animation | French | France   
Directed by Thomas Bourdis

The Precipice (2015)     

15 minutes | Narrative | Russian | Russian Federation  
Directed by Malik Timirbulatov 

Alegria: A Humanitarian Expedition (2013)        

29 minutes | Documentary | English | Switzerland
Directed by Christoph Toggenburg

Life Lines (2014)

16 minutes | Documentary | Hindi | United Kingdom
Directed by Jane Dyson and Ross Harrison

Live for Passion (2014)

55 minutes | Documentary | Polish/Slovak | Slovakia 
Directed by Pavol Barabas 

K2 and the Invisible Footmen (2014)

60 minutes | Documentary | English | Pakistan
Directed by lara lee 

Beneath the Tirch Mir (2014)

3 minutes | Documentary | Pakistan
Directed by Bilal Farooq and Jawad Zeb


A Passion of Gold and Fire (2014)

5 minutes | Documentary | French | Belgium 
Directed by Sebastien Pins 

Sunakali (2014)

49 minutes | Documentary | Nepalese | Nepal 
Directed by Bhojrat Bhat  

The Cave Connection (2014)

53 minutes | Documentary | English | New Zealand
Directed by Johannes Von Kirschbaum 

Young Night Canyon (2015)

2 minutes | Documentary | English | United States 
Directed by Oakley Anderson|Moore    

Talking to the Air: Horse of the Last Forbidden Kingdom (2014)

56 minutes |  Documentary | Nepalese/English | United States 
Directed by Sophia Dia Pegrum 

If You Love Your Children (2014)

23 minutes | Narrative | English | Canada 
Directed by Sanjay Patel  

Himalayan Odyssey (2014)  

52 minutes | Documentary | English | India 
Directed by Rafique Shaikh 

La Spedizione (1909)

37 minutes | Documentary | Italian | ltaly
Directed by Vittorio Sella 

Algien (2014)

20 minutes | Narrative | English | Mexico
Directed by Roberto Valdés

The Age of Rust (2014) 

8 minutes | Animation | English | ltaly 
Directed by Alessandro Mattei and Francesco Aber 

Colours of Edziza (2015) 

42 min |  Documentary | English | Canada   
Directed by Matt Miles, Chantal Schauch, and Mike Schauch

Into the Mountain (2015)

29 minutes | Narrative | Chinese | Taiwan 
Directed by Shiang-An Chuang

Karakoram Highway (2012)

42 minutes | Documentary | English | Belgium
Directed by Olivier Boonjing

Wild New Brave (2014)

28 minutes | Documentary | English | United States 
Directed by Oakley Anderson|Moore 

W di Walter (2013)

63 minutes | Documentary | ltalian | ltaly  
Directed by Rossana Podesta and Paola Nessi 

Taking Flight (2014)

64 minutes | Documentary | ltalian | ltaly
Directed by Chiara Adrich and Giovanni Pellegrini    

Into the Silent Sounds (2014)

3 min | Documentary | Silent/English | India 
Directed by Rajbir Kaur 

Ayubia: The Living Forest (2014)

5 mintues| Documentary | English | Pakistan 
Directed by Nisar Malik

Touch the Sky (2014)

12 minutes | Experimental documentary | Urdu | Pakistan 
Directed by Sohail Azad 


The Last Winter (2014)

74 min | Narrative | Kurdish | Iran
Directed by Salem Salavati 


Sunakali (Best Picture)

Documentary –49 minutes – Nepali– 2014 – Nepal

Film Synopsis

Mugu is a remote district in Karnali Zone, the least developed region of Nepal. The average life-expectancy in Mugu stands at 45 years, male 45 years and female 39 years. Literacy rate in the district stands at 29 percent. Female literacy rate stands at only 9 percent. Life is harsh in Mugu. But people have not lost hope. Against this backdrop, Sunakali features the real story about a women’s football team in Mugu. The story revolves around Sunakali. Despite her hardships, the girl develops intense passion for football. Sunakali and her friends gather at a steep ground under the pretext of collecting fodder. Their future took a new turn when they got opportunity to represent their school in district level football tournament. Thus Team Mugu is formed. Though Team Mugu is defeated in its first competitive outing, they go on to lift the national tournament held in the plains of Tarai. The entire district turns out to welcome the girls when they return home with the trophy. Through football, the girls managed to change the society’s perception about women which would have, otherwise, taken years.

Director Profile

Bhojrat Bhat

Good Neighbors Nepal

Bhojrat Bhat

Prakash  KC, Jeewan Shrestha, Manoj Maharjan


Bharat Mani Regmi

Bhojrat Bhat is a journalist based in Kathmandu and specializes in conflict mitigation, security, and the Maoist insurgency. SUNAKALI is his debut film. He has partnered with several national and international organizations to prepare documentary films and news features.

He teamed up with Babel Press to produce a documentary movie on “bikini killer” Charles Shobraj. He also joined hands with Franc 24 International News Channel to produce a documentary film titled “Nepal: The Last Maoists.” He worked for the news documentary “The Convicts of the World Cu” broadcast on France 2-Envoyé special and contributed to the report “Worked to death in Qatar” for the 2022 Football World Cup that was broadcast on France 24. 

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